How SocialPort works? Is it legitimate?

SocialPort Logo is a simple web app to generate a link for sharing, just like any URL shortener you’re using. You don’t need to install, register or configure anything. It’s FREE for 500 page views at the moment and you can upload any share image you like. We’ll store the link for 3 months.

How it works?

The screenshots show the link editor in our web portal. Please refer to the instructions to create or edit a socialLink below:

  1. Fill in the short web form
  2. Upload Image or Input the image URL
    Best resolution recommended by Facebook: from 600w x 315h to 1200w x 630h (best at 1200px width x 630px height, width to height ratio kept at 1.91). This is the largest banner type of Facebook post, the eye catcher.
  3. Click “Generate Link” and you’ll get the short URL for sharing!
    Simply copy the link and you can share on Facebook instantly. You can also check our demo link on Facebook debugger.
  4. Share the link on Facebook. You will get the custom link preview!
    Our link will redirect your visitors to your target site.

p.s. Please note that service abuse will be strictly prohibited. We don’t accept fake news, content farms, link baits, phishing, spamming, violence, discrimination, hatred, pornography, nudity or any other forms of misuse of our service. These contents are not welcomed by Facebook. We will ban the user’s ip forever if we discover such cases. 

This is to ensure that all normal users can enjoy our service without unnecessary problems.

Our service will be bound by Facebook Terms of Service:

Is it legitimate?

We follow the Open Graph Protocol created by Facebook. The protocol lists meta tags on your website to be read by Facebook. All SocialLinks created by us include these tags. 

We don't try to hack Facebook or Twitter sharing mechanism. 

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