What can I do with SocialPort?

SocialPort allows you to change the link preview when sharing a link on social media like Facebook, Twitter (others are coming!). In particular, what can you do with SocialPort?

Just to name a few, you can 

  1. Change the link preview for Google Forms, Spreadsheets or Documents (for event marketing)
    Before: After:
  2. Change the link preview when sharing Youtube Videos 
    Before: After:
  3. Change the link preview of your online store or product page (for social media promotion)
    Before: After:
  4. Change your blog post's link preview (for publishing)
  5. Embed Your Facebook Pixel ID into a socialLink
    This is a new function we added in August. You can add your Pixel into our short link. When a user clicks your link, he will be tracked as a custom audience in Facebook Ads Manager. It means that you can add Pixel to all pages you want, even the web page does not belong to you. You can improve your ad accuracy with a larger custom audience before spending the real ad dollar.

Of course, our service is not limited to the above use cases. You can use it in any way you want. Please feel free to share your use cases with us! We would be happy to know more about your needs!

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